SGM, on October 23rd 2017, at Surbiton Masonic Hall in Surrey, UK.

Correspondence at the end of 2016 between the Grand Secretary of the Order and his counterpart at the Grand Lodge of Greece resulted in the granting of permission for the establishment of The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas within Greek Masonic Jurisdiction. This official agreement was signed on behalf of the Council of the Grand Lodge of Greece by its then Grand Master MW Bro Konstantinos Politis.

On the same day of the Consecration of Sectio Aurea Court No 125, eighteen Greek freemasons were Instructed into Coronation Court No 50, including the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Greece MW Bro Konstantinos Politis, the Immediate Past Grand Master MW Bro George Vassilogeorgis, as well as several other high-ranking Greek freemasons. These Brethren, along with Bro Nikolaos S Stylios, who was Instructed on October 17th 2008 in Court of St Cuthbert No 30 in Perth, Province of Australia South, and Bro Theodore Eddie Kalogeropoulos, who was Instructed on October 24th 2016 in Coronation Court No 50, were the founding members of the first Greek Court, Sectio Aurea No 125. W Bro Theodore Eddie Kalogeropoulos, KAG, GLect, was its Primus Worshipful Master.

The second Court, Pythagorean No 128, was Consecrated within the Territory of Greece on June 16th 2018, at the Athens Masonic Hall and the Consecration of the third Court, Euclidean No 129, took place in the same place on June 17th 2018, under Grand Master MW Paul Weldon Johnston, SGM, and his Grand Officers.

These three Courts, two English-speaking (C 125 & C 128) and one Greek-speaking (C 129), currently constitute the roll of the Provincial Grand Court of Greece, which was Constituted under the Grand Master MW Bro Paul Weldon Johnston, SGM, on June 18th 2018 in a glorious ceremony attended by 64 Brethren, including the leadership of Greek Masonry. The Primus District Grand Master was RW Bro Constantin Stephanides, KCAG.


There are currently 89 members with a total of 90 memberships in the Province.

The Masonic Order of Athelstan in Greece is anticipated to steadily grow in the years to come, with the full support of the Grand Lodge of Greece with which it maintains friendly relations.

October 2020