Welcome to the Website for the Province of Greece in the Masonic Order of Athelstan. The Order is based on the historic records of the life and the legend of King Athelstan. It portrays the story of a Master Mason being called to York in 926 AD to receive the Ancient Charges from the king. Throughout its ceremony the ritual contains a great deal of symbolism that is still seen in some Lodges today and a great deal that is not currently worked.

The Order, in the Overseas Provinces structured so that wherever possible, it reflect and represent the original Kingdoms and Gilds (original spelling of Guilds) as set up by King Athelstan. The Athelstan Provincial structure does not reflect current English Counties. Each Province is limited to a maximum of ten Courts (the Athelstan equivalent of a Lodge).

Whether you are a member of the Order seeking information relating to our Province or you are visitor seeking information about The Order or our Province you are most welcome.

Following the decision of the Council of the Grand Lodge of Greece of September 9 th 2020 for extension of the suspension of Masonic Work for all the Lodges under its auspices until December 31 st 2020, due to the pandemic crisis of Covid-19, the Provincial Grand Court of Greece, similarly suspends the Work of its Courts until further notice.

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